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Horse Breeding: When is The Best Time to Breed Your Mare?

Cascade effect is the hormones that control a mare's reproductive cycle are like a waterfall. They are produced in the horse's brain and flow through the horse's body to the reproductive organs. In this report we will endeavour to help you to understand this waterfall phenomenon: what is occurring within your mare and how you can plan your breeding season.

Termed polyoestrous is mares cycle of many times during the breeding season. One cycle is, on average, 21 days long. Within the cycle there is one fertile phase when the mare is considered 'in season'. This normally lasts around 5 days but varies greatly from mare to mare. Fillies usually will start cycling from about 12 months onwards.

The mare's reproductive year can be broken into some phases:

The first is Cycling Phase - when the mare is cycling (each cycle being, on average, 21 days) including the fertile period of approximately 5 days.
The second is Non-Cycling Phase - occurs in winter when most mares don't cycle and are not fertile.
The third is Transition - occurs twice in the year, late autumn and early spring. At these times, the mare can display unpredictable or unusual behaviour. She can also give the appearance of being in season during this transition period, although she is not.


A mare's 21 day cycle is measured from ovulation to ovulation. Day one is the day ovulation occurs. The cycle can be split into two phases:

1. The oestrus phase is the fertile period which lasts from day one until approximately day 5 or 6. It is at this time that the mare is receptive to the stallion.
2. The dioestrus phase is the non fertile period of the cycle. This phase lasts for approximately 15 or 16 days.


A mare's brain and reproductive tract both create hormones that control her cycle. These are sensitive to the amount of sunlight hours in a day. Melatonin is the 'commander and chief ' hormone responsible for a mare's cycle. Levels of melatonin rise when it is dark. This rise stops reproductive hormones being produced.

When it is light, generally for 16 hours or longer each day during the cycling phase, the level of melatonin drops. This allows the hypothalamus to release a hormone called Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH). Let's break this down a moment. Gonads is the descriptive term for the reproductive organs. Trophin is another descriptive word for growing or nourishing. 'Releasing Hormone' is descriptive of the function that GnRH has - namely to release the hormones from the pituitary gland. (The pituitary gland is located just under the hypothalamus, deep in the brain.) In summary, GnRH is the hormone which gives the command to other hormones to release and grow or nourish the reproductive organs. It's that easy!

The oestrogen is released into the blood stream and stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release more LH, stimulating ovulation.

GnRH triggers the pituitary gland to release two very important hormones:

1. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - this causes the ovaries to grow the follicle (the egg).
2. Luteinizing Hormone (LH) - this causes the follicle to mature and, in turn, start to release oestrogen.

The oestrogen is released into the blood stream and stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release more LH, stimulating ovulation.


Internally, oestrogen changes the lining of the uterus so it is best able to support the fertilised follicle. Externally, oestrogen is the hormone responsible for your mare behaving in season. Signs can include:

- becoming more docile,
- raising her tail; often to the side,
- standing like she wants to urinate, often for many minutes,
- squatting and urinating frequently,
- heavy, sweet smelling urine,
- winking vulva, and
- leaning into horses, fences and other objects.

Of course signs vary from mare to mare. Some exhibit strong symptoms, others none at all. Mares who have never foaled before, or which have foals at foot, or are kept by themselves tend to show fewer signs. When an in season mare meets a new horse, her behaviour will often become more pronounced.


The follicle should burst through the side of the ovary leaving a hole. Despite sounding rather gory, this hole (called the corpus luteum) is very important. As it mends (around day 14), it produces progesterone which enables the final phase of the cycle. If the mare is not pregnant the uterus will produce a hormone called prostaglandin. This causes the corpus luteum to dissolve and the cycle to begin again.


When the follicle is successfully penetrated by a sperm, the follicle becomes an embryo. The embryo moves extensively around the uterus for the first 15 days. This is essential - as the embryo bounces off the walls of the uterus it stops the uterus from producing prostaglandin. If there is an area of the uterus where the embryo cannot get to (most likely due to a blockage of some sort), then that area will produce prostaglandin which will terminate the pregnancy and the mare will go back into season.

If the uterus doesn't produce prostaglandin then the embryo will implant into the wall of the uterus at about day 16. Your mare is now pregnant!

The mare is the key.....decide why you want to breed your horse and what will be the intended use of the foal? Consider size. Do you want your foal to be bigger or smaller boned than your mare? Consider height. Is your mare a good height for the activities you plan to do?

Consider your mare's conformation. Does she have a back that is too long or a neck that is too short or crooked legs? Find a stud with the ideal or opposite traits to improve or compliment your mare.

Understand your mare's personality. Is she hot, sensitive and spooky, or is she calm and laid back? If you like her personality traits breed her to a stud with the same characteristics; otherwise, find a stallion that has the personality traits you're wanting.

Determine how the horse will be bred. Will she stay at the stud farm for a certain amount of time or will she come home directly after the breeding? Consider the grazing fees - these often mount up quickly.

Determine if you want a live coverage, fresh, chilled or frozen AI? Determine the stud fee and what happens if you mare does not conceive or loses the foal during or following the pregnancy. For example many studs offer a live foal guarantee - find out what this means to the individual stud - it can vary.

Determine where the foal will be born. Do you have shelter for the mare in bad or cold weather? Does the stallion owner require that you have the mare at a place where she has a foal alarm on to be foaled down and an attendant for you to receive your live foal guarantee (LFG) if something goes wrong?


- Have the mare in great condition - not too fat or too thin as both will cause issues getting your mare in foal.
- Feet trimmed and shoes off.
- Good worming regime so she is in good internal health.
- No health issues i.e. temperatures or runny noses.
- Teeth filed.
- Up to date with all relevant vaccinations.
- Send her up with an old halter - often they don't come back with your one on!
- All breeding info - name of mare, breeding, registration number, vet identification completed if required.
- Certify the mare if you want to register the foal with an organisation such as the Hanoverian Society or Racing Thoroughbred Studbooks. Ensure your mare complies with their requirements.
- Make sure you are aware of all the costs involved.
- Read and sign the stud's contract - any questions, ask (and don't be shy about it)!


Ovulation usually occurs in the last 24 hours of your mare being in season but this can be variable from mare to mare. Ultrasound scanning has increased the reliability of picking the best time to serve your mare. Stallion semen will last for 48 hours in a mare's reproductive tract. Making sure the mare will ovulate within those 48 hours will increase your confidence that pregnancy should occur. If there is no way to regularly scan your mare, most studs will serve every second day while your mare is in season.

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Horse Breeding: How to Get a Horse Loan

If you wish to buy a horse, but you do not have the money, by borrowing a horse to solve your problem. There are many reputable and financing small business loan that offers you not only to buy a horse, but also equipment such as carpet and tactics and take care of storage costs. This loan is available in an easy to use payment and installment options are as affordable as a car or personal loan. Read on for more information on the loan amount, repayment and payment options.

Funding for the horse is not limited to agricultural or home owners only, but open to anyone who wants to buy a horse. You can get a loan from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 or more for a payback period varies between three and 25 years. Generic level is about 9% to 29% per year by most lenders. If you have money to pay the money you make, but loans are available even without the requirement to make payments. Or, you can use as an advance installment loans if you are buying from a private owner willing to finance the purchase.

As mentioned above, the loans are available for animals, and other needed equipment for the cages. Once you receive the funds, you can use it according to your choice with a variety of horses, equipment and stable rules. This loan package is provided as per your credit and ability to pay and usually do not contain many clauses the use of resources. In fact, in some cases, creditors do not even want to know exactly how you plan to use the money you borrow.

Loans for horses that are available as an unsecured loan means that you do not need to promise a guarantee of funds by lenders. This is known as a loan without collateral. It acts as an unsecured personal loan where you, the individual will be responsible for payment. The choices are simple payback in the form of easy monthly installments with the short-term and long term options. There is a degree of flexibility in the choice of payback.

You can choose based on how much you want to pay each month or how many times you want everyone to pay. Remember that long-term loans granted at a lower rate than short-term, and the deadline is less in number. You can finance on terms that suit their needs.

As with the lender, is beneficial to keep some online lenders to find the best prices. Highly recommended that a thorough market survey to check the condition of different market lenders to do so. This is the key to getting a loan and the conditions most favorable for you. This will help you compare interest rates, payment options and loan conditions of horses and then negotiate the best deal for yourself.

Horse Breeding: New Jersey State Fair and Sussex County Farm and Horse Show

The New Jersey State Fair and Sussex County Farm and Horse Show is held every year during the ten days of early August in the city of Augusta consistently interesting. It is not known whether Decided to hold the organizers, the exhibition this month consistently Each Year Since the name of the town or not. Cities and fair in the northern part of rural western New Jersey and you'll find plenty to enjoy-based agricultural activity.

In addition there are 4-H Horse Shows is very proud of the exhibition of children throughout the state. You will find the Honey Bee also rallied daily, which May or May Not attract fairgoers. It depends on how you feel about bees in general. Ford Commerford petting Zoo not only local animals HAS suche as goats and ponies, but you will find more exotic and Camels and Elephants Have the opportunity to ride Them. At the Fairgrounds you will find the seeds of baby animals home all the new additions make an appearance while at the fair. Baby chicks are by far the biggest draw.

Live entertainment at the state fair Comes in various forms. Wandering around the fair and you just find Maybe Chainsaw Artist Has Chance to show off and watch art come to life before your eyes. This event provides dogs, cats and other domesticated animal owners the opportunity to showcase their best friend. Lovers Of The Polka Must Find Night and the annual Polish Polka Competition and dancing the night away. If You Are a chance to admire the consistent Chainsaw Artist exhibition-fair offer of a place you can come Some jobs that are consistent Chainsaw Sculpture Artists Auction on the last day of the fair.

Those who do not mind paying extra fun at area nightspots can be found outdoors. This place hosts fireworks, demolition derbies, sweaters, balloon ride, and many other competitions.

When you visit the fair-you-can stay in one of the many types of differentiation or lodging is available. There are hotels, local camping, RV sites, and bed and breakfast. Bring your own car and you'll find parking at the state fair is free.

Horse Breeding: Finding a Top Quality Horse Fence For Your Home Or Farm

If you decide to keep horses on your property or farm, no doubt you are excited and nervous at the same time. Keeping a horse is an important responsibility and consider your investment will make you really want to make sure that the animals remain safe inside their borders.

The most common type of fence is a wooden horse version. Although the wooden fence looks great, they need a lot of planting and maintenance. The horses are sure to chew the fence so you definitely need to place the timber with a number of non-toxic paint or stain treatment. wooden fence is also susceptible to warping, especially if you're in the area that is subject to drastic temperature changes. wood fences can also be damaged by having the weight of animals, so make sure you are ready in time and effort to maintain a wooden fence before buying one. If you are in a wooden fence, make sure that you select quality, pressure treated wood fence because it is designed for many years.

A horse owner a lot of choices today is the kind of flexible fence. This is a horse fence made of wire, either coated or not coated. Cables with high tensile strength flexible summarized in a song placed in between fence posts. Rail can stretch and acts as a shock absorber when the horse is pushed against and once the horse leaves the gate back into position. The material in this type of fence is flexible enough that even a horse walking is not possible to cut or hurt in any way when it comes into contact with the rails. Type of fence that is not subject to rot, warping or flakes, and this is a very popular type of fence that many horse owners choose today.

A woven wire fence horse is a good choice for people looking for a cheaper option. Make sure you select the type of material so that the horse can not get their claws caught in the wire. Check the highest quality woven wire fence can be found, because horses can be very destructive at times and sensitive to the flight without too much thought when she felt frightened. Another type of electric wire horse fence. With this type, the animals received a low voltage shock if contact is done by a fence. This shock is not dangerous and teach the horses to avoid the fence. Using tape or a rope fence next to the type of high quality electric fence is ideal for keeping horses. Stallion on the other hand, tend to jump, so this type is generally not recommended for males of the species.

All types of horse fences have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure this account before deciding to buy sex. This is very important that the horse is able to see the fence, so clearly visible is a key factor to consider. If you're going to go with the type of wire fence, the fence must be installed, so the horse can focus on when running.

Horse Breeding: A Few Tips For Buying A Horse Farm

A horse farm is one of the best properties available. When driving to the station, you see the beautiful scenery: A red roofed white two story house with a big red barn next door, surrounded by a fence and clean the board from green pastures. Of course, there are several horses staring at the fence with you, their coats gleaming in the sunshine.

But aside from looks, what makes a good horse farm? If you plan on buying or building a horse farm, here are a few things to remember.


This may seem obvious, but make sure that when a house on the farm that will meet your needs for your home. This makes no sense to buy a ranch and has a new home.


Once again, make sure the shed to suit your needs. Two important things that must consider the size and comfort. Is there enough space? It is easy to house, street or driveway, and grasslands?

Water supply

Anther thing to consider is the water supply. If you have a drought, water supplies are large, the difference between your company going under or victims. Ideally, you'll need at least two sources of water - a wells and rivers, for example. Make sure your water pipes running to the key locations, such as water tanks and warehouses.


How many agricultural fields? Is it steep? Is the quality good? Had one that is suitable for hay field? These are all questions you should ask yourself.

Of course, these factors only basis. Before buying a horse farm, you need a lot of factors into account to ensure that you not only get what you need, but you also make sound financial decisions.

Horse Breeding: Good Horsebox is Invaluable For Transporting Your Horse

A good horsebox for the carriage of animals is very valuable for many horse owners. "Horse Trailer" is something that time the UK or Europe. In the U.S., they are usually called "horse trailer" or even a horse camping ", depending on the accessories or force involved.

They come in various sizes and capacities for each animal up into a big addition to deciding how you want to trailer your horse, make sure you get one that supports the pull of the vehicle. And to think carefully about how an interior designed for comfort and safe transport your horse experience. The term "horse trailer" to describe the vehicle, but clearly the welfare of horses you mean you have to see something better than just a box.

I do not own horses and I never did. In fact, just as much horse experience I remember when I was young and my grandfather picked me up and told me to sit without a saddle on the mare's age - his parents Bonnie, I believe it is the horse's name.

Frankly, it's not my proudest moment: I remember the fear of height and wave the old girl back when she walked a few steps. My grandfather had a real kick out of, I never want to return to full-sized horse.

But, I have two brothers, both riders finished. My brother, in fact, have some horse trailers and trucks, which shows regularly use - he has a horse farm in Maryland, about halfway between Baltimore and Washington, DC

For him and his wife, buying and using a good horse trailer is a matter of good business. They board horses for paying customers, they do horse riding lessons at a new horse arena built them, and transport their own animals for show horses often.

For many horse owners read this, your transportation needs for your horse will probably not as often and not demanding as a man who runs a horse farm or ranch horse work.

However, as the owner of the horse closely, you must own or have access to a horse trailer and a car or tow truck who voted for your pet in the street, or boarding facilities, horse shows, or visit your horse vet. (Not quite as easy as bringing a dog or cat to the vet, right?)

My best advice to you is to "harness" and can direct to the usual tactics or farm shop to supply and horse trailer that will be available the next time your horse transport needs arise.

Horse Breeding: Buying a Horse Farm

Some Humorous Stumbling Blocks

I have been selling Real Estate is now about 13 years.
Have lived in this country for many years, I am good with farm sales, estates, and cottages. Specific forms of Real Estate has additional areas of expertise needed to help reach an agreement. Over the years I have discovered that the real stumbling block than the area of expertise is added vendor needs, but the attitude of family members involved in property purchase, especially in purchasing a property as well as a horse farm. Sometimes you just need to sit down and shaking his head incredulously.

Mother or wife want to house the perfect family. This must be modern, spacious and in move-in condition. Now is when my mother was a key person of horses, the barn or shed is perfect. The stalls are just the right size, the streets is more than enough, there must be an automatic irrigation system, and the house has an arena, a large in-door without feet pointed out to draw water. As a mother or a woman's primary focus is the development of the horse operation, may overlook a few flaws house for horse set-up is perfect, but do not expect.

Let's look at a father or husband of the family. If he happened horseman and lover, then the horse shelter building is the key. Home features may be secondary to him, the broker can make life easier, but again, it does not count because women and children will be talking a lot about the house and suddenly the house is usually required when the farm house, maybe 100 years plus, and although it has been renovated we will not only cutting-going state-of-the-art-horse business.

Teen-age children, bless their hearts, have the ability to handle something that is sure to make or go all the way south, toward which the wind blows that day. If teenagers occur at all for a horse operation, has a horse or horses of his own then the barn must be the best he can and the home may be OK for teens to have a private room, complete with four-piece bathroom, for himself. Please note that if the children of rural-oriented horse is the last place on earth do they want to live, so there's nothing in any way that shows your family woning. It's hard to believe that as a home that can have various errors.

Through all watching horse property buyers often forget some of the most important thing to look like where the water comes from and is suitable for drinking, operating system or septic is still there, is the use of country you want to bring even not allowed by the municipality, name but a few. But who cares, when he suddenly found the perfect property!

Do not take these thoughts too seriously. When the days, weeks or months have passed and you have managed to find that perfect horse property buyers please value your self a pat on the back, turned around and deposit your commission on the bench, consider a job well done, and try not to count the extra gray hairs.